We are here to help with confidential counseling, work-life services, financial and legal services, and much more. Remember, ParTNers Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers members and eligible dependents up to five sessions per problem at no cost.

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Call your program today at any time day or night! Call toll-free 1-855-Here4TN (437-3486)

Through the ParTNers EAP your department or agency can request a training seminar anytime. These seminars are offered at no cost and offer a variety of different topics and programs.

Contact Deborah Roberts at: daroberts@magellanhealth.com to schedule a seminar today! Take a look some no-cost EAP training opportunities: 2014 Training Guide 

Are you stressed?  Do you find yourself wondering where all the time goes each day? Are your days filled with back-to-back activities and tasks and sometimes it feels like it’s difficult to find time to take a breath.  Take a minute to fill out the stress checklist by clicking here.  This checklist is a great way to find out if you need to start setting limits to help take control of your stress level.

Work-life Resources: Through ParTNers EAP you can access many different resources including services that can help with day-to-day things such as finding child or elder care, information about parenting and discounts on thousands of items. Read more about Janice, her story and how ParTNers EAP helped her and her family by providing assistance through our work-life services.   

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Do you find that your job interferes with your personal life?